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11-09-2012, 10:02 PM
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Originally Posted by brian_griffin View Post
I may be in Austin 1st wk of December for business & a quick diversion afterwards to pick up '74 MB 450SL convertible. Are you in Austin area? Dare I risk my life / liver / sanity / virginity playing Tatoo to your Mr. Rourke for a day / night?
I'm actually in San Antonio...Austin is an hour and change away, though with the new toll road and the 75mph speed limit I could see how fast I can zip up there in the AC Cobra or California.

Your liver would be alright as, except for my memorial shot the other night, I haven't had a drink in a couple years, I won't make any promises about your sanity or virginity as Austin is a college town and it has quite a few very nice brass pole palaces.

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