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11-09-2012, 10:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Lucbourdon View Post
Before I start, I would like to say this...

People saying kadri is a "third liner" at best are ****ing ********.

I love it. I knew I should have read your, post before I wrote mine.

I think Kadri would make a perfect 3rd liner.

Is it his "at Best"?

NO. At best he is St. Louis v.2. But that is just a wet dream.

I think at best Vinny Prospal...? Maybe

I am happy with an offensive pest on the 3rd line, however. A guy who gets 14min a night with 2nd pp time and can pot 20-25g.

Honestly, I think kadri needs a change of scenery. Some players play well under certain cities, Clearly something happened between him and the franchise so far which is hurting the kid.

It;s obvious because of his ridiculously high talent potential, He has a good shot, handles the puck extremely well, yet he simply can't seem to get things going ever.

Honestly If he does get traded, I think he would fit fantastically with a team like vancouver.

While I agree Kadri would be better off somewhere else I want to keep him.

Now as for going to Vancouver.....

Much like LUongo why would he want to go to one of the other top 3 craziest hockey markets?

HE has no say in where he goes but I bet Phoenix or Miami would look pretty good right now.

I dono about you guys, But I would do Luongo for kadri straight up.

Simple proposal, Leafs get elite goalie with a bad contract. Canucks get a top prospect who is struggling with his current team.
If Luongos deal goes back on VAN if he retires, sure.

I would rather give Kadri for Backstrom or Kipprussoff if I knew I had them for 2 years.

I still say the 7th for Vokoun was the biggest miss.

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