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Before My Time

Originally Posted by Killion View Post
... in the Shuffling Madness of Locomotive Breath, did you actually see these guys play C58?. I simply cannot believe for less than a split second that Broda, Brimsek or anyone else prior to Plante, Sawchuk, Hall or even Bruce Gamble were any better. Worsley et al. Hell, Id rate Les Binkley outta Cleveland and the AHL/IHL better.
Brimsek, Broda, Durnan were before my time. Did see Lumley especially with the Bruins so it is possible to project a bit.

Level of dominance in the league is a consideration. Late forties you had Brimsek, Broda, Durnan, Lumley, Rayner, 5 HHOFers who took teams to the SC finals. Neither Gamble or Binkley were particularly mobile or agile. Excellent goalies nonetheless.

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