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11-09-2012, 11:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Melrose Munch View Post
This is semantics. Would it have been better if they said Toronto urban area? Just do people have to be specific now? Do you think anyone outside the GTA has the time to figure out Brampton is 30-45 min away? Maybe for an article. Not in everyday life.

Brampton is the Toronto Urban Area. Newark is the NYC urban Area. Let's leave it at that, because some people love to be difficult and trying for no reason.
That was my point. It was an article, he should have done his homework and report it accurately. Nothing wrong if he wants to push that premise about Toronto, but I do have a problem with journalism that pushes an agenda above all else of acknowledging details. If you support shoddy journalism and feel that journalists shouldn't be called out for the inaccuracies in their published bodies of work, well then good for you I guess.

The NHL is a business. Hockey is a sport. The two are different.
What a nonsense response. NHL is a business that endorses a sport called hockey. How do you find it convenient to separate the fact that hockey is the product of the NHL? What were you saying about people love being difficult for not reason? lol

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