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Originally Posted by Pi View Post
I don't think junior hockey is very attractive to people in the first place. Toronto is a big city and the only city in Canada that has MLB, NBA and the NHL (no matter how bad the attendance of MLB and the NBA teams get if they aren't doing good).

The only thing that can be deduced from this is that fans near or in Toronto are fans of NHL/Leafs hockey first and then every other league.

If Morgan Rielly played for the Brampton Battalions, you sure as heck could bet that it will sell out every night.

There are nearly 5-6 OHL teams within driving distance from Toronto. If they all had to relocate, I'd see it as a problem but just because one team has to relocate, doesn't mean Toronto isn't a hockey town.

As far as the Marlies are concerned...they were downright terrible at first, our best prospect was a guy who took naked pictures of himself, and the team was a mess. During this lockout, the team has gained some good prospects, season ticket sales have increased 30% because of their playoff run.

MLSE does bleed money because of the Marlies..but in the end the AHL is a development league and having your prospects within walking distance to the ACC is not a perk every team can have or afford to have.
TO isn't a hockey market, it's a Leafs market. Why does this offend Leafs fans? Nothing wrong with that. Be proud. Leafs or nothing!

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