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11-09-2012, 11:28 PM
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Originally Posted by charliolemieux View Post
Protein is needed for muscle growth. Cardio and weight training are two different things. Cardio is all about working anaerobic alactic, lactic and aerobic systems. They have nothing to with weight training to put on bulk at all really. Sure, the alactic system is good for "clean and jerks". But hey, two different things.

Sure, we've seen the talent, but how often? Sure, there is that one youtube video of that shootout goal. Kadri does not do it consistently. Would you agree that he is regressing? Would you agree he was a health scratch tonight? Is Eakins wrong too?
So you know this.

So you know that is Kadri is traing for muscle gain he can't also be training for low BMI.

The two don't go together.

Oh ya I know Protein is needed for muscle but carbs are needed for fuel.

YOu don't think Eakins scratched Kadri because he has the highest expectations?

This sends a message to the rest of the team.[/QUOTE]

Some people can do whatever the book says but their body type just doesn't translate the results.

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