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Originally Posted by #57 View Post
Yeah it will be a solid year for defensemen. I liked Gingras when I saw him, but don't think he has done enough right now to warrant a higher status. He still has a long way to go to be considered a top pro prospect.

As for Ayotte, I really like him too. He is similar to Audette. Small and soft, but very good skating and amazing hands.
I didn't get that feeling from watching Ayotte, although I could be mistaken on everything. I really wouldn't say he plays like Audette, even though that could be a false impression I have that's caused by the teams they play in.

The thing I liked most when I saw him was how he reads the play. Also seemed to have good hands. I don't remember his speed level, guess it didn't come to me as awful or excellent. I wasn't expecting a whole lot, so after he impressed me, the thing I tried to see is if he could have the downside of being soft. I didn't see signs of that. I'm pretty confident he'll be excellent for Victo after this season if he adds weight, that's the biggest thing holding his game now, I believe.

Now, to temper this, 144 pounds is really small (if the Tigres' site is right) and really has to be dedicated to add enough weight to be considered in 2 years, even though it's not unheard of. Duclair added what, 30 pounds, in about 17 months. On that side, it helps that near 6' isn't out of reach. Another thing is, after, he wasn't that impressive the times I saw him live against the Remparts, which is not surprising for a 16 years old, but it's only fair of me to mention. Still seemed good online, but of course you can't really evaluate as good.

If I respond with a delay, it's simply because I noticed that he was 2nd in 96' scoring with 9 points (6 goals) in 18 games, tied with Pépin, Aubé-Kubel and Leblanc. The first is Duncan MacIntyre, with 10 points in 18 games, all assists. Seeing that simply made me want to write a bit about that, I'd be happy to have spotted a riser before pretty much anyone

All could crash, obviously, 16 years old progression is never a sure thing, even less so when it's a year that doesn't have 16 years old statistics like those of last year.

Also, saw Pépin yesterday, and I agree that he may have potential to come out pretty early. Wasn't blown away like some 16 years old last season, but could see very good things happening for him, I'll make sure to (try to) watch him more closely now. Definitely seems better than Audette now, but of course, there can be a question of adaptation (probably much easier to adapt fast for Pépin, with his weight and better team around him).

Thought about it, and even though it (most likely) won't be as good as 2013, I'm not convinced like I was before it's going to be a bad draft year for the Q.

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