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11-09-2012, 11:52 PM
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Again, you will have a better idea of who the Bulldogs are the day the lockout ends. Everybody on the Dogs stay in the AHL, while most teams will see some of their players play in the NHL. Funnily enough, you will see the Dogs doing better.

As far as tonight's game, this is just clearly a case of a team losing to a much better and experienced one. Cooper has to have a shot at coaching in the NHL. Teams are just sleeping as far as he's concerned. And Brisebois did a good job at filling the rest of the squad. Mayer played insanely good. And people crapping on Tinordi and Beaulieu are probably the same ones crapping on Galchenyuk 2 weeks ago....Yes, they make mistakes, no ****. And Beaulieu is not the defensive liability that some loves to think he is. You hear that and you think we have discussions with other teams' fans about Subban....And Tinordi shows some great speed once in a while which he didn't have when he joined the OHL. Puck skills will always need to be improved, yet he did improve that as well.

Guys I would have no problem giving up are not on kids. But Palushaj is starting to get on my nerves. Same with Stortini. I'd like to see Naatinen get a bigger role in this team.

But kids are kids. Ups and downs. You don't want to see that, well it will be a whole year like that. Especially with the fact that the brass decided to not add anything significant up front and defensively as far as vets are concerned, which again, is a mistake in my opinion. Yes, it's icetime for the kids, but the kids loves to win and would look good learning in a winning atmosphere.

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