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11-10-2012, 12:07 AM
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Originally Posted by SDig14 View Post
There are players too good for the NHL, but there aren't very many up and coming elite NHLers that have played 2+ seasons in the NHL coming back down to the AHL.

Guys like Bartschi are still more hungry because he has barely had a taste of the NHL.

Either way, it seems pretty clear this is the case. It's not the best attitude, but if i was an Oiler for 2 years, an NHL all-star, etc., I may not be all that invested in the Oklahoma City Barons either.
Sorry but that's a piss poor attitude to have and I thought that this group was above that.
Yeah, it's a lesser league and yeah, they are playing in front of very sparse crowds for the most part so it's hard to get up for these games but there is an attitude problem (sense of entitlement) if they are just cruising through this league because they think they are above it or are worried about getting injured because they might lose out on precious NHL time if/when it comes back.
What they are doing is wasting time taking jobs from players who are hungry to play at the AHL level and would be more than glad to get that opportunity.
It's still early in the season but the excuses are starting to run dry. It seems that they might very well be in OKC the entire season and perhaps longer so it's time to take the league seriously otherwise, they are just wasting important development time. BTW, i'm not including Hall in this since he has a legit excuse coming off of an injury.

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