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11-10-2012, 01:27 AM
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Originally Posted by no name View Post
I don't see how anyone can side with the owners at this point. I certainly don't hear any media or NHL people siding with the owners on NHL radio.

The owners are offering absolutely nothing. They are demanding that only the players fix their spending habbits. They won't budge on the 200 million revenue sharing. Most believe the players are asking too little in 250 million. There are 10 teams running around ruining the NHL. These guys are making the overall numbers terrible when the majority of the owners are responsible. Yet, as a whole they are demanding the players fix their issues, not these irresponsible owners fixing themselves. 250 million is such a small number when considering the overall ratio involved.

Owners go out and spend like a truck driver who just won the lottery this offseason and then 2 months later they ask for it back. In what indistry does that work? They were willing to give the most absurd contracts in league history just a month prior and were beating eachother up to do it.

This is more a case of owners not being able to fight eachother so they fight their employees. Actually, some media people seem to believe they are at odds with eachother which is hurting the whole process. It's not the players fault these owners own a team in a bad market. That is all part of owning a business. It's not the players fault these same owners have manipulated the cap and found loopholes to knowingly hurt themsleves and the rest of the league. The players just show up and work. Well that is not true because they also live their life 24/7 as a walking billboard for the owners while they are not "on the clock". No player sends out incriminating photos of 8 owners and get them to bid eachother up.

What have the owners done for the fans? Nothing. The cost of tickets are second in north american sports when considering ratio to ticket price to net amount spent on product. Parking is the same as every other more popular sport. What have they given north american fans? Two lockouts in a decade. Every time there is a chance to lockout they do. They don't care about their fans. They care about fixing their own f' ups. They are safely in their luxury boxes (if even at games) or being escorted by limos everywhere in life. The players are on the streets rubbing elbows with the fans. The players are doing the publicity and charity events for their teams and the NHL without pay.

I just don't understand how it seems only message boards where the fans side with the owners. Nobody that covers the game blames them. They don't even blame GB. They blame the owners.
Ummmm....I side with the owners, especially when you got a dip**** of an union boss coming at the league wanting it's members to be paid a full season for a 60-70 game season. Or a union boss who presents proposals tied to future revenue growth, but scoffs at offers from the NHL when they offer "make whole" tied to future revenue growth. I also have a problem when a union boss consistently shows up late to important negotiation meetings. I also have a problem when multiple reports come out that players are not getting all the league proposals information.
In my opinion Fehr is in this for his own ego. I would bet my first born, if you put the NHL's latest proposal to a vote, it would be excepted unanimously by the players. By players, I don't mean the "rich" ones that Fehr is mainly protecting. I mean the 400-500+ players that are really hurting from this lockout.

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