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11-10-2012, 12:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Hyperglide View Post
No worries Nem. Copied and pasted my post from the last thread. Thank god for the back button.

Too all you people still defending Fields.. lol. I present the following exhibit. I kinda actually kinda feel bad for the guy. And not cause of what Jack and Devlin said. The guy has no confidence at all currently. He wasn't no where near this bad, even with the Knicks according to their fans.

Exhibit A

Exhbit B

He needs to dump his hot GF and focus on his layups and jump shooting.

Lets NBA!
Landry's dating her? Oh man, what a small world. My friend follows Arencibia on Twitter and I'm pretty sure he hooked up with that chick at the end of last season. They started talking via Twitter, they went on one date and she was already driving out to Nashville to stay with him. He had his fun with her on the weekend and I guess he let her down gently that he didn't want a relationship. After hearing all this, I advised my friend to stop stalking Arencibia but she claims she didn't do any investigating, it all transpired on her timeline...that's what you call it right, a timeline?

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