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11-10-2012, 12:48 AM
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What's even more hilarious is that Toronto is being deemed a "Leafs" market.

Anyone who has interacted with people that were born and/or raised in Toronto, and anyone who has lived in Toronto can tell you that there are at least as many anti-Leafs fans as there are Leafs fans.

This is why most people believe a second NHL team in the GTA can so easily succeed. So many people from other parts of Canada and the US (as well as Asia, obviously) settle in Canada, and many of those people (from other parts of Canada and the US) have allegiances to other hockey teams. Even among the people that have been in Toronto for generations dislike the Leafs and support other teams.

At the very, very least, characterize the GTA as an NHL town.

But even that would be incorrect because the GTHL is the largest development league in the world. And, the GTA has produced the most NHL players in the world.

All of this suggests that, while the OHL and AHL might not have firm footing in the GTA, that hockey is somewhat scraping by. Slightly behind Phoenix and Atlanta, but scraping by nonetheless.

****, I mean, damnit, if there were a match between Southern Ontario vs. the Rest of Canada (or the entirety of the US), I would bet on Southern Ontario. And these people have the nerve to question Toronto as a hockey market.

Might as well start questioning Dallas as a football market.

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