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11-10-2012, 01:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
why would a player - rep or not - deliberately lie and undermine his own self-interest? Because he's under Fehr's thrall? ANY player can attend the meetings. ANY player can make his voice heard. Or is it assumed that they're all so stupid that they don't understand anything except what Fehr tells them?
You do realize that a vast majority of players haven't attended nhlpa meetings? Most players heads would spin if they were in a room where numbers and hrr % etc are being discussed. The overwhelming number of players never went to college and need their agents to simplify what's going on for them and how it affects them. This week has been all about as few as people as possible in the room. The news comes out of the room through Fehr then it gets fed to the player reps who feed it to the players and their agents and it's been quite clear in several reports that Fehr isn't telling the whole tale to the player reps who are relaying their it to their teammates and their agents etc. It's like the old telephone game

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