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11-10-2012, 01:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Scottkmlps View Post
Ummmm....I side with the owners, especially when you got a dip**** of an union boss coming at the league wanting it's members to be paid a full season for a 60-70 game season. Or a union boss who presents proposals tied to future revenue growth, but scoffs at offers from the NHL when they offer "make whole" tied to future revenue growth. I also have a problem when a union boss consistently shows up late to important negotiation meetings. I also have a problem when multiple reports come out that players are not getting all the league proposals information.
In my opinion Fehr is in this for his own ego. I would bet my first born, if you put the NHL's latest proposal to a vote, it would be excepted unanimously by the players. By players, I don't mean the "rich" ones that Fehr is mainly protecting. I mean the 400-500+ players that are really hurting from this lockout.
Dude, you are so far out of touch with this post. It seems like you are just hearin snippets from random people and building your decision. There is so much involved here and your post is so obviously skimming the peel off the orange. Your revenue growth issue in your posts proves it to me.

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