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11-10-2012, 01:35 AM
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Toronto isn't a good hockey town? Right. When was the last time the Leafs weren't sold out? junior hockey is an afterthought really. There is almost too much hockey to cover in this area. Toronto is also the only city in Canada that has MLB and the NBA as well. There are plenty of options in this town and lets not forget as it's been pointed out, the city has a million different cultures and lets face it, hockey is without a doubt, a sport dominated by whites and followed by whites. Go to Brampton, a city with a huge Indian and Pakistani population, what are they watching or playing? cricket. That's just one example. There are so many cultures here, so many teams to follow, some of the best nightlife in the can't expect every junior team to succeed. Junior teams do extremely well in small towns and it's pretty simple why; they have a much less saturated market. If you live in say, Owen Sound, chances are you'll at least follow the local team, there's not a lot of options. It's also foolish for people outside of this city to believe that everyone in the GTA is a Leafs fan. I can't give an exact number here but I'd estimate that probably 35% percent of hockey fans here aren't Leafs fans. Keep in mind, generations ago there were plenty of original 6 fans spread throughout the country and those people tend to pass that on to their kids. I have plenty of friends who are Habs fans,Wings fans,Bruins fans and even friends who are fans of expansion teams like the Oilers,Canucks,Senators,Penguins etc etc etc. A junior team leaving doesn't prove anything. Go to any bar here on any given night and look at what's on all the TV's. It's an NHL town, not a junior town, there's a big difference there.

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