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11-10-2012, 02:22 AM
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i never thought this team would be so good (at the same token, so bad) as some predicted. as a matter of fact I thought it was laughable how some were saying they would completely and utterly dominate. RNH, as good a season he had, got butter soft minutes last year, Eberle benefited greatly from Hall... the trio of them were all dependant on each other in more ways than people think... the AHL is full of depth and young star players... We as a fan base have greatly, greatly overrated are own (in regards to our later picks)... And as embarrassing it is to see the young stars play like this, there is no doubt in my mind they are coasting, not that it's an excuse, as a matter of fact it's pretty sad, but either way that's the least of their problem. the depth players and later round pics look worthless. I'll chalk it up to a bad stretch and early season growing pains, the adrenaline has worn off. Hopefully they'll pick things up soon here.

And I agree with the person who said the boys from the big club are actually more of a detriment to the team rather than a benefit. Gotta be some feelings of complacency, buying into their own hype, lots of different factors. Either way, Nelson better whip these guys into shape soon. Krueger will have his work cut out for him over the coming years, that is, if he's able to survive. Oilers need NHL'ers.

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