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11-10-2012, 02:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Grod View Post
How about he plays with a player that can either see him or even solidly attempt to reach him on a stretch or breakout pass so he didn't have to go back and retrieve it then dump it off to one of his teammates during or while initiating the breakout. Kapustin is awful.
I watched game 1 against the Q in its entirety and about an hour's worth of game 2. Didn't watch the game against the OHL. Yakupov may not be so great in his own end but he is deadly offensively. Give him a halfway responsible two way centre who can make a tape to tape pass and has decent offensive instincts and it's domination time. I also saw Nail wheel back on numerous occasions (in and around his own blueline) and rather than play the puck to the NZ or look for the standard safe play i.e. dump or what have you, would bring the play back into his own zone and try to reset things, or at least attempt to reset things for his team and get the puck to his D-man or centre. Given his skillset and his position, I don't know how people can fault him, virtually at all, for the way he plays or his lack of defensive prowess. The guy is a short, insanely skilled goal scorer who is a flat out gamebreaker if there ever was one. Give him an inch and he's going to score, that's the bottom line. He should stick to dominating offensively rather than trying to be something he's not. Let the other guys on his unit worry about that. As long as he's even half decent in his own zone I wouldn't be concern. He looks like Pavel Bure for Christ's sake.

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