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11-10-2012, 03:08 AM
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Originally Posted by YotesFan47 View Post
You all seem to be forgetting the whole reason Pittsburgh was brought into this proposal. Sutter! For everyone who keeps saying "well why is pittsburgh even in this?" its because of Sutter and his role as hanzal's replacement. I'm a huge Yandle and Hanzal fan but I also want to see the coyotes win the cup. Do you honestly believe we can do that with our current roster? I think we are good but not stanley cup winners good. What about the guys knocking on the door to get onto our blue line with great talent? Eventually someone will have to go and I can't see it being OEL. If we can get that extra scoring from guys like yuk and gags, bring in someone like Sutter, and have one of our many dman step into yandle's shoes then I think we can win the cup. We won't win it next year, and even with the trade we may still not but I think a nice mix of offensive talent and defensive tactics we could be. Yes, Hanzal and Yandle are important but you have to give to get. We have no one that looks to bring the talent level of yak in our system, we have 2 guys who could be as good or better than Yandle. The last thing to put us right where w e need to be is a Hanzal like player for our 3rd line. Yak may never break 40 goals in a season but if he puts up 25-25-50 and we get another 50 points from gags and a strong player like Sutter for our 3rd line that can add some extra scoring then I can't see how we don't improve.

There is only one goal in hockey, win the Stanley cup. I don't believe this team as it stands has what it takes. We are a good team, a playoff team, and a team that had some luck this last season but not a Stanley cup winning team. We have done a great job rebuilding but let's be realistic.
Nowhere in this wall of text do you explain why Pittsburgh was brought into this proposal.

I'll ask this more bluntly: why is Pittsburgh trading Sutter for a fragile, more expensive, older wing who, last season, scored 7 less goals than the guy they're sending the other way and an nhl/ahl tweener D, when they already have 5 third pairing NHL D in the organization (not counting prospects)?

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