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11-10-2012, 04:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Kamal007 View Post
One thing I do find funny is that people say that its Indian and Pakastani in brampton. How exactly is it pakastani? Last time I checked, its all Punjabi (a state in India) and some from the rest of India. Take a look at the Brampton Census:

Of all the languages spoken at home in Brampton, 62% is English and 13% is Punjabi. The language of Pakistan, Urdu, is in at a gigantic 1.9%. Whereas other languages from India, such as Gujarati and Hindi are around the same percentage. To say that Brampton is largely Indian AND Pakistani is false, even though most people on here probably don't care that there is a difference, there is.

And further more, its pretty dumb to say that people in Brampton want to watch cricket, just because they are of Indian descent. I would say the vast majority of people here are bigger hockey fans then they are cricket fans. Most people see cricket maybe once every 4 years for the world cup (assuming its every 4 years, I don't know), they watch hockey year round. Just because Brampton can't sell out OHL games, doesn't mean that it wants to watch cricket instead of hockey. Hockey is huge here, just as it was in Mississauga when they lost 2 OHL teams in the last how many years?

Brampton, just like the rest of the GTA, is LEAF crazy. Leafs are huge here and just because 13% of the population speaks Punjabi at home, doesn't mean they don't love the Leafs. I mean, why else would CBC do Leaf broadcasts in Punjabi? For the Punjabi people in Vancouver? Lol hell no. They do it for the Punjabi people in the GTA, including Brampton. I mean, to say that Brampton's demographic prevented the Battalion from flourishing is simply dumb. Especially when CBC is providing broadcasts in that specific demographic's main language for LEAF games.

Sorry for the rant, just a hockey crazed Punjabi poster from Brampton clarifying some things.
I lived in Brampton for a long time and had plenty of classmates who were of Indian and Pakistani descent, more so Indian obviously. And yes, cricket is huge in those cultures. If you're referring to second or third generation Canadians that's a different story(I'm sure you are?) as far as sports goes to which I would point out, among second or third generation Canadians who are non-Caucasian, the NBA seems to dominate. Of course there gonna be hockey fans of any descent, that's only logical. Hockey is still by far the most popular sport in the country and even if you tried to avoid it, you're still gonna run into hockey. Also, weren't the punjabi broadcasts cancelled? Also, many Indians speak English, not sure if that's factored into the numbers considering a huge chunk of East Indians grow up with the language in India.

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