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11-10-2012, 03:40 AM
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Season is dead.

It is becoming more and more difficult by the minute to honor the contracts signed under the previous CBA unless the escrow factor is going to be HUGE given top line is going to tank for the next 5 years in the NHL.

NHLPA may be getting screwed here but it's just basic economics at this point. Every lost day of the season is roughly $10M out the window. From a future perspective point of view, we were in a much better (on paper) economic situation in 2006 as compared to today. Expect the "new" 2013 cap to be in the 2.4-2.5B range or $7M a day. At 7% compounded interest we would take 5 years to get back to the current top-line... and they would still only have 50% of the pie to share so still a lower aggregate cap and floor from today.

Tell the players that this week over 4 days of negotiations just cost the players (4*$10M*50%) $20M cash in pocket....

The NHL and PA created a situation for which the only resolution was top line growth. Both have embarked upon a strategy to kill the growth for the next 5 years against current volumes.

It is truly stupidity at it's finest.

"The only ones to win a war are those that are left alive when it is over". By 2013 100+ players will have taken a bullet.... while another 150-200 have put a local guy on the breadline in the other leagues.

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