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Originally Posted by onemorecup View Post
I am not bashing him at all . He is a filler for now

you are not going to win anything with him as your #1 , if you hab fans want DD as you your number and compete with the Pens , Philly , Boston , etc in this conference then you need help
We already have a no1 for the future and his name is Galchenyuk. This means Desharnais can be a second or even third line center in a exploitation role. Or a winger in the top6. Its not like we have a surplus of playmaking forwards.

He is a filler as a first line center until Gally arrives in MTL - thats true. Were you take a strange logic leap however is when you appear to think its no1 center or nothing. For instance say we acquire a better left winger than Pacioretty does this mean we need to trade Pacioretty? You can have multiple good players at one position, its called depth, and that is what wins stuff. Its not unheard of for teams to have more than 4 natural centers in the lineup and its certainly not a bad thing - not only can we replace an injured player easily, we can even do so on the spot! Its also good for faceoffs in important situations - center no1 takes more risk and if he gets thrown out of the FO circle center no2 can make a good effort.

Originally Posted by Yvanoe

David Desharnais arrived in Fribourg yesterday. He will wear number 51 during his stay with Fribourg. His playing license was not activate yet, our GM want to wait after the week-end to see how negotiation between the NHLPA and the NHL goes, and since our next championship match is next Friday. But Desharnais should be able to play Monday against Pardubice (CZ) in the European Trophy, since this competition is not under the auspices of the International Ice Hockey Federation.
If Simon Gamache is a good player there Desharnais is going to be an elite superstar

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