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11-10-2012, 06:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Hnidy Hnight View Post
We let them off the hook in 2005, and we're here now yet again because we came back. Im not kidding in the least. Don't be a sucker for these guys. Its an abusive relationship, from a business standpoint. Stand up for yourself or walk away
if they lose the season i am not renewing and i better get my full refund at once. Not this one payment a month crap.

i will never attend another nhl game again. its a long ride anyways.
I did it with baseball, I can do it with hockey.
I really hope the league suffers after this. Its all so wrong.

Fact is i really havent missed it as much this season so far as I thought. pretty soon it will be warm out again, and it will be an afterthought.

they are making a huuuuuuge mistake. Im a huge fan and for me not to come back must mean alot of other fans not as fanatic as me; not willing to live their life around the Bruins; are probably going to do the same as myself

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