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11-10-2012, 08:08 AM
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Originally Posted by brymel View Post
Ummm....if I understand correctly, the players were locked out, not the other way around. Why shouldn't they go for their lost salaries? This was the owner's decision. Before you jump up and down and scream at me, I think this should have been settled along time ago, their both idiots, and both sides need a good swift kick in the pants...Get it done!
I agree with both sides being to blame.

I'd recommend reading Harrison Mooney's blog post about this:

The only things that missing from his argument is that Fehr has a reputation from being the MLBPA's director, now what that is, I have no idea, but he helped build them into the power they are today. Changing sports doesn't mean a change of character and the it's the PA's responsibility to have known what they'd be getting into.

Making Fehr as 'not a hockey guy' is a good tactic, but also one that's been accurately levied against Bettman. I mean, he was deputy commissioner of the NBA, a professional sports league, which has it's office in NYC, and he couldn't accurately give the name of the New York Islanders when he was hired.

There's also the negotiation aspect. This is a takeaway deal, and how successful Fehr is seen after this will be determined by how little the players give away. That was probably the high offer, which the league is just as guilty of on the other side. They probably started with indentured servitude.

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