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Originally Posted by Dirty Danglez View Post
The same thing can be said for Bettman. Fehr has done this before in other leagues... he's very good at convincing the players that his strategy is the right way to go. Unfortunately for the fans, that means not giving a lot of concessions.

He has been just as wrong as bettman, its just that the commissioner has done wrong by this league before, so some put all the blame on him. Both of them have convinced their parties to hold off... so they're both wronging the fans.
You can't say that both sides are equally at fault - just like you can't say that both Republicans and Democrats are equally bad. Doing so is committing the fallacy of fairness (look it up, very interesting). Bettman's entire shtick was to expand the NHL and increase market share - he's been moderately successful but at the expense of THREE LOCKOUTS and millions of lost revenue. Also many can and will attribute the NHL's growth with the Canadian dollar and only that - Bettman's TV deals are **** and he still doesn't have ESPN coverage.

Forget about Fehr, but the NHLPA was on the "Right" side this time around and they're still on that side. Fickle morons will clamr back and forth "oh man, now I'm just sick of these selfish jerks!!" every time they have a rough bowel movement but the truth remains that this is a very important process and if they let the NHL bully them they'll be at a significant disadvantage until the next round of CBA talks. The NHL is playing the fans like a puppet - they leak whatever news they want and the fans go ape-**** over it "HOW CAN THEY NOT ACCEPT IT. FEHR IS THE ANTICHRIST" when it's just not true.

The last proposal which had everyone soil their britches turned out to be a farce. This one is still coming closer but remember that the NHL initiated the talks with 43/57 and basically a slap in the face of the NHLPA. The NHLPA stood fast and look, they're almost at equal/fair footing.

I'm not a communist, and I think that there shouldn't be guaranteed contracts (which the NHLPA will never accept) but this time around I'm 100% pro-NHLPA and I don't give a damn who's "leading" it. The players know about their own interests better than random tweeters and stupid fans - Fehr is the right man for the job precisely because he won't give in to pressure from Pierre fkn Lebrun's mouthbreating followers.

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