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11-10-2012, 07:41 AM
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Seems that "the players are stupid/in thrall" is the popular theory.

This isn't the first time the league has taken issue with Fehr's communication to the players. Last month, it released a full proposal on because it felt the message wasn't getting through.

For their part, players have said many times that information flows much more freely than in 2004-05, when, for example, the vast majority were not aware that the NHLPA was going to propose a 24-per cent salary rollback. And, the weirdest thing about Friday's accusation was that the NHL's latest offers were made with several players in attendance.
(emphasis added).

Fehr's reaction -- about 90 minutes later -- was very interesting. He denied he's not fully communicated any of the league's offers to his players and added the "NHLPA doesn't feel it is as far apart on core economic issues as NHL says they are." (Source: Pierre LeBrun's twitter page.)
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There is no way the season is in any danger -- yet. But, if games aren't started by Dec. 1, it sounds like those in the league who don't want to lose 2012-13 are worried about the hardliners regaining control of the process. And they don't see enough progress being made.

Fehr can see that and he's trying to exploit it. That's why they took a run at him. They want to see if there's any internal dissent, pressure within the NHLPA to push him out.

It's a big game of chicken right now. What we wait to find out is this: did they weaken him, or just make Fehr's position stronger?
(emphasis added)

Solid unemotional analysis here:

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