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11-10-2012, 07:51 AM
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Originally Posted by brymel View Post
Ummm....if I understand correctly, the players were locked out, not the other way around. Why shouldn't they go for their lost salaries? This was the owner's decision. Before you jump up and down and scream at me, I think this should have been settled along time ago, their both idiots, and both sides need a good swift kick in the pants...Get it done!
Well I had an entire well typed out response but lost it somehow so ill just sum it up with this. I agree, both idiots, BUT, the owners locked out the players because there is no CBA and they weren't going to play without one in place because they know Fehr's MO and that he would strike. The NHL wante to negotiate in January. Fehr and NHLPA said no. So here we are and the players ask for 50/50 and their existing contracts honored. NHL gives them pretty close to exactly that and instead of accepting, they turn around and demand a raise along with a being paid for work they did not do. That's ridiculous.

Then you have idiot players spouting off that the NHL offer is based off of growth and what if it doesn't grow like that (even though the NHL offer was guaranteed money until the 3rd year which is good for the players because after this the first two years will be hard to have growth with fan pushback), and yet he backs the same growth the NHLPA is trying to project in every single one of their proposals to justify their gradual decline to 50/50. So it's ok for them to use growth but not the NHL, got it.

The players are idiots aren't being informed of all the details or both. This should have been over twice now. I'd bet 80% of the NHLPA would approve the NHLs last offer. It's the superstar players who will lose a couple million out of the many many million contracts that wouldn't want it. And Fehr who doesn't want a deal at all because he knows as soon as the entire season is canceled he can go right after the cap.

It's really a joke at this point. Why do you think recently retired players who have dealt with this before are saying the players need to just take the deal and it's fair enough.

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