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11-10-2012, 09:07 AM
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It's all semantics really, on how you want to interpret it all.

Were there several players present? Define several. The number of players attending has dropped like butterflies in the last few meetings, starting at 14 a few days ago and down to 5 yesterday.

Did Fehr withhold information? Again, depends on how you interpret the information.

- The league has guaranteed existing contracts

- The NHLPA (by omission) says it hasn't

The difference: The NHL is guaranteeing this season's pro-rated ie minus the games not played

Now, this is the key: The NHLPA wants the players paid in full for this season ie paid for games not played.

If you believe the players should be paid for games not going to be played then I guess you should believe there is no guarantee and Fehr is correct in saying that there is no 100% guarantee

If you believe players are NOT entitled to be paid for games not played, then you should believe the NHL is guaranteeing the contracts 100% and that the info should have been passed onto the membership.

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