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11-10-2012, 08:51 AM
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I wonder if the PA is still holding out for something better than 50/50 and the 82 game salary from <82 games is them holding out for something better to increase the HRR%. If the star tribune article is true, it is pretty hard to be sympathetic with the players when the proposal has the PA conceding 50/50, the league would be willing to concede to making whole and other secondary issues.

The league also feels "we're there" on revenue sharing, with a source saying that the league is basically willing to go with the NHLPA’s proposal other than a couple issues that need to be talked about.

The sources also say it’s untrue that the NHLPA must agree to all the league contract demands. That is negotiable, with the one area the league feels must be stopped are the back-diving contracts
I wonder if that means NHL then would be willing to scrap the new adjustments to UFA age and associated 2nd contract details.
Also, the arriving really late for negotiations seems like a very petty thing to do yet it is pretty consistent on the player's side as if they don't really care about negotiations.

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