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11-10-2012, 08:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Abbotsford Heat View Post
He is an AHL veteran at this point in his career, getting caught out of position and making bad plays with the puck because he is trying to do too much is not acceptable. He is a veteran in this league, if he was doing that in the NHL fine, I understand him making these mistakes. But those plays are why Brodie plays sheltered minutes in the NHL on the bottom pairing. If he didn't have these deficiencies to his game he wouldn't needed to be coddled.

I am simply saying he is AVERAGE defensively, I am not saying he is bad as it seems like everyone is making it out to be. He simply does not excel on the defensive side of the game, he probably never will either. His assets are definitely in the offensive part of his game and I have said he is the teams best offensive defenseman.

It seems as if you don't give him nothing but praise you are treated like you are putting the player down.
He is down there to grow as a player, first and foremost. He should absolutely take those risks and Troy Ward knows just that.

How many 21 year olds play top four minutes in the NHL in their rookie season? Very, very few. Having the defensive ability to be relied upon in any fashion at the NHL level during that time in his development is a very encouraging sign.

Where we differ is in our opinions of where we believe he should be now. From what I can understand you fully expect him to be the best defensemen on the team every night because he was a regular NHLer last season. I can also completely understand that because your first priority as a fan is the success of the Heat.

From where I stand I have seen a dramatic growth in his all around game since first becoming a professional player. As a Flames fan it is nothing but encouraging to see him break out from that sheltered game he played up in Calgary, and because of this I cant help but get excited about his future. Of course with more freedom comes more mistakes, but those are stepping stones for his development.

He may not be the most consistent defender on the club, but he is surely the most talented. I still believe you are selling his all around game short, but different expectations breed different outlooks.

It was not my intention to prove that you were wrong as I previously stated, I simply wanted to express my standpoint on why we had differing opinions.

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