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11-10-2012, 09:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Habnot View Post
Not sure I would want any of the five rookie defenseman playing in the ECHL - but I agree with the forwards. I would of liked to see couple of career AHL'er who can score added to this team.
You clearly don't send Tinordi and Beaulieu in the ECHL as you need them to develop as quickly and good as possible. But I would have had no problem with Ellis and/or Pateryn going in the ECHL for now, even if it's just 1 year. With the injuries, you know that anyway, they'll end up with the Dogs squad as we already seeing it with Stejskal. But up front? They missed the boat. It's one thing to learn and develop. It's another to know your role and develop in a winning environment. With the lack of results, you'll then see players trying to do too much and it won't help.

Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
It may end up looking bad on Bergevin that he didn't add a Nigel Dawes on offense and Alex Henry on defense to his AHL roster.

That decision is on him.
Well not really at least for those 2, they left, so we have no idea if they were interested in staying. But other guys were available.

Originally Posted by NewHabsEra View Post
I dont think anyone is giving up on the kids, but only trying to give a proper evaluation of their game at the moment thats all... The Tinordi Ellis pairing has been playing alot lately and you clearly see that Tinordi is playing at a much better level than his partner right now.. Bournival has been looking lost lately, isnt that the truth? No scoring chances in the last 2 games and looks lost on the ice, nothing against the kid, Im a fan as well, but I mean, you have to call a dog a dog.. Thats a pretty young team I think we all agree on this and tonight we could see a Calder cup champion against a bunch of baby rookies, I think we got quite outplayed in all areas of the game, we were just not in the same league..
I can tell you that some seems to imply this and it would be real funny to get that thread out the day those guys play in the league and do well. And what people are giving is NOT a proper evaluation. Ellis lost a whole lot of time lately. If it's good for an incredibly junior kid playing junioirs like Gally (and it was fine), it has to be good for a d-man coming out of JUNIORS. And at the very freakin worst, Tinordi was ALWAYS to be much better than Ellis. Having said all of that, Ellis will be a NHL'er. Might take more time but he will be. Ellis like most of them needs to work on his foot speed and agility. So he is lost because what he doesn't have in confidence right now and positional play, he doesn't have it with speed either. Just like people being down on Tinordi when they had no idea what was going as we are saying Tinordi evolve in front of our very own eyes. But no, he makes 3 blunders, and he sucks. That's not a proper evaluation. Bournival looks lost....okay. See, this ROOKIE, was not suppose to be the one that had to make this offensive work. Because of the vets we didn't get, he is now a centerpiece of the offense and hasn't done it....lately. Not close to be his role but guess what...he'll end up doing it.

So we were not indeed in the same league. But again, people underestimated the power of this lockout. Can't wait for a real proper evaulation the day everybody who should be in the NHL are. So that we'll see what this AHL team is really about. And then imagine next year with 1 year of experience. Just take the Crunch team. Who were playing yesterday that ALREADY figures in the Tampa Bay roster? Brown, Connolly and Wyman. Strong chance they'll play in the NHL this year. Who else could easily surprise and have a spot? Panik, Palat, and Conacher. Most guys in there are playing a key role with this Syracuse team. Now you look at our roster.....Our lines are already set. Possibilities for us...Gallagher, Leblanc, Blunden, Geoffrion and St-Denis. Yet, really? We all know both Gallagher and Leblanc aren't on the cards and need 1 full AHL year. Blunden doesn't even play a key role in Hamilton. Only Geoffrion could go from a decisive AHL'er to a non-NHL factor.....And he won't make it. And don't talk about Palushaj, he's about to get another chance with another team....Dogs biggest loss would be St-Denis. Yet again, where's the room for him? Key role in Hamilton or not playing in Montreal?

People should take some time to look at the Top scorers of the AHL and just think of how many of those guys are gone the day the NHL resumes.....And at least have a very good shot and at worst be the 1st callup when injuries strikes. So that people understand that the day any of those guys leaves, their team will take a tremendous drop compared to us who we don't have anybody who will play with us when the lockout ends and that no matter who you call in case of an injury, chances are the others, who are almost at the same level of the guy that will be called up, will pick up the slack for him.

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