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Originally Posted by Ottomatic View Post
When you're dealing with 17/18 yr olds I think teams are still willing to see if there is change-of-scenery cases with the youngsters.

Maletta, Bateman, Johnson, Clarke, Ebert, Marchese will hold certain value.

I don't know what Johnson's problem is this year, he was a slow starter last year as well, but did he buy into his own press clippings after being drafted or something? I still don't see him being traded though.

I think Maletta, Bateman, Clarke and possibly Ebert will be the ones dangled aggressively. I also think Emerson Clark has to go if we can bring in an OA with more offensive upside. We need to add a scoring second line center and we need a PPQB back on defence. Clarke will be a good third line center/checker/face-off guy on a contender. Bateman and Maletta could go to a rebuild team - both first round picks last year a team could look to add them to their young core and willing to give up an 18 yr old if they see themselves a couple years away.
Wont be easy trading some of the above players,interestingly 4 of the players u mentioned have gold edc pkgs,Maletta,Bateman,Johnson,
and Ebert,u can also toss in Marchese,although when the Spitfires got him Erie kept the designation and the Spits agree to the edc part
I think Marchese is safe has been the hottest spit scoring wise in the past 12 games,he has 11 pts in his last 8 games played,his absence was felt the previous 2 games prior to his return
As I said dealing the above wont be easy on a couple u might the trading partner to take the designation and u cover the edc costs if a player bombs out,u are also dealing with no trade clauses as well
I get some guys may have to go,I can see Bateman,Schoenmakers,Maletta,
Clark and Clarke,probably not Ebert, as bait,not that I am advocating any
Potential trading partners could be Erie,Peterborough,Sudbury,Kitchener,Kingston,Ottaw a,and maybe London,though those teams rarely deal with one another
There is also the Koko situation which should be clearer by Monday
The only players safe in my view would be Vail,Marchese,Rychel,HoSang,
Posa,Dekort,Seiloff,and possibly Pavelka
With Pavelka u have to decide if he returns next year taking 2 spots up an O/A and Euro,when u have 2 -1st rd euro picks,and 3 open O/A spots because Windsor has no 93 born players on the roster except Pavelka looking to next yr
The OHL sanctions against Windsor really hurts for trade possibilities as well,Warren after restocking now taken away,made worse by the lose of 2 1st rders puts a real kink in deals
You talk of a 2nd line center,good luck with that,teams unwilling to deal in that area though i get what u mean,there is a definite need to add scoring
The fact that 3 or 4 guys are not scoring enough adds to the woes of this team
I tried to scour the league in search of potential trades and here are my findings,note these are proposed deals,if anything they may be intriguing if not realistic,any views are welcome
Here they are,in no particular order
Trade proposal #1-
Windsor trades Cen M.Clarke and Def,A,Bateman to Peterborough for Cen Alan Quine and Def Trevor Murphy- trade rationale-Quine a former 1st rder gives Windsor a leg #1 center with O/a possibilities,gold pkc in Quine for a gold edc in Bateman,Murphy who has struggled in Peter this season is the same age as Bateman and has similair skills ,and has more bite to his game
Trade Proposal #2-
Windsor trades Cen/RW Jordan Maletta to Erie for Lw Steven Harper- trade rational- Erie looking for more physicality gets one in Maletta,they thought about drafting Maletta originally,I get the feeling they would like Harper to be more physical not his game,Windsor likes Harper,both are 17, both 1st rders with same edc packs makes this trade a possible win-win for both,Maletta with size and some skill,for Harper who has decent size,with a nice skill package

Those are 2 deals that I would consider,others are forthcoming stay tuned

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