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Finals & Playoff Performance

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Benedict had an 18 year professional career, but it was not unheard of for goalies of that generation to play a very long time. Vezina had a 15 year professional career and Hugh Lehman played for 20 years.

Broda played for 15 years, among the best during his era.

I really don't see longevity being a big difference here.

This is a good point. Broda seems pretty clearly the 3rd best regular season goalie of his era. If Benedict is behind Vezina, it isn't by as much as Broda is behind Brimsek and Durnan (in the regular season).

Interesting observation. Here are Broda's GAAs

1936-37 NHL 2.30 (7)
1937-38 NHL 2.56 (5)
1938-39 NHL 2.15 (3)
1939-40 NHL 2.23 (4)
1940-41 NHL 2.00 (1)
1941-42 NHL 2.76 (2)
1942-43 NHL 3.18 (2)
1946-47 NHL 2.87 (2)
1947-48 NHL 2.38 (1)
1948-49 NHL 2.68 (3)
1949-50 NHL 2.48 (3)

1950-51 NHL 2.23 (3)

I bolded the years when Hap Day was coach. Seems that Hap Day's clutch-and-grab defensive system may have helped Broda's numbers. Leafs won Cups in 1942, 1945 (with Frank McCool), 1947, 1948, and 1949 with Hap Day coaching. They did win a Cup in 1951 after Day retired, however - an aging Broda ended up playing the majority of playoff games after Al Rollins' injury in 1951 and seems to have been very good.
Still need a goalie that puts away the opposition in the finals. That is what Broda, Dryden and Plante did on dynasty teams in the Finals. 1947-1951, Leafs with Broda three loses in four finals, Plante five loses in five finals, Dryden three loses in four finals.

Blake with the Canadiens 1965 and 66 Finals with Hodge/Worsley saw the team lose five times in two finals.

Broda had the shutdown capability.

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