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11-10-2012, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Read it here first, this is Fehr putting a price on 8/28, later arbitration and all that stuff.

Fehr is killed for it in the press, 50/50 and make whole isn't enough, then in a week -- when there is no time left -- he will accept 50/50 + make whole but nothing else.

The NHL can call the bluff or not...
This is exactly what I'm thinking...the large percentage demands are Fehr firing back at the owners for their insistance on some contract stuff, not so much he's demanding those things no matter what. If the owners back down from some of the contract demands then he'll probably be a lot more reasonable, and this is really part of the negotiating game. The NHL says "oh we're giving concessions" but realistically it's only compared to where they started from in their first offer. The only thing resembling a concession the NHL has actually given is the make whole deal, and the NHLPA has given up substantial ground on pretty much everything else (agreeing to 50-50 is a pretty damn big concession for them). Seems like there's still plenty of room for a deal but both sides have to be ready to be flexible

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