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11-10-2012, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Bougieman View Post
That was back in the days when Don hated you if you were born in Russia, and nothing -- not even facts -- would stand in the way of his blatant disregard for your value as a human being. I haven't seen him ranting as much about Russian NHL players in the last while, but back then he was one of the most xenophobic sacks of crap on television.

That anyone would believe Cherry's character assassination about Bure, nationwide platform or not, is just sad. And yet,a s mentioned in this thread, many Canucks fans still do.
Monday, February 15th, 1999
By Don Cherry -- Vancouver Province

Florida is going to get their money back with Pavel Bure in spades. He is bigger than a rock star in Florida. It's a funny thing with Pavel. Remember when I really gave it to him when he kicked the feet out from under Keith Tkachuk, then with the Winnipeg Jets? I said, "He was a little weasel for slew-footing Tkachuk." Couldn't believe it the next game in Vancouver they had thousands of towels with the words "Weasel Power" on them and I really got the boo-birds when I tried to do my opening for Hockey Night in Canada. But a funny thing happened, if you remember -- Pavel hurt his back and in this column I ripped the people for getting all over him and insinuating he was faking it about his back and for all the thrills he has given them. They should be ashamed and get off his back. He doesn't deserve the criticism and give the kid a break. About two months later I was standing in the studio. MacLean was doing the opening out in the Forum and as I was standing looking at the monitor in the empty studio, I felt somebody else's presence. I looked around and here was Pavel standing there in a long black top coat staring at me. I thought, "Oh boy! He's pissed about something. OK, let's get it on." But he stuck out his hand and said, "Thanks for sticking with me, Grapes, when I was having a tough time."

Another time last year when I was walking along the halls at GM Place after the game, coming the other way was Pavel with those four guys he always has around him. As we passed by he broke between his entourage and we shook hands. The people in the hall couldn't believe it. Why did Pavel say hello and seem to like me? One, he knew I was right about Tkachuk and I had stuck with him when he was having a tough time. It's easy to stick with a guy who's flying high, but people always remember when you stick with them when they're struggling. It's funny. When asked why he wanted out of the Vancouver organization, the first thing he mentioned was that the organization never backed him up when people in the media were giving it to him, saying they wonder if his back is really bothering him. So you can see it was a big thing with him. Nothing is worse for an athlete who is a proud guy than to be accused of faking an injury. When I saw he never really got the backing of the organization, I knew he was on his way out. So isn't it ironic that the guy I called a weasel turns into a friend of mine.
at least he admitted he was wrong (and while he didn't explicitly say, "i was wrong," writing an article in the province is basically a public apology to the city of vancouver, right?). more than i can say for pat and brian, anyway.

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