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Originally Posted by p.l.f. View Post
AA has done well up to this point at re-signing guys for less
JB's and EE's contracts for example
People need to temper their praising AA for the Jose deal. When he signed that contract he had no leverage whatsoever. He was 1 year removed from being a fringe MLB player with the Pirates and Jays. He had one good year which was 2010 prior to signing his deal. Him going into the FA market there would have been tons of speculation that he was a 1 year wonder and could not repeat. So the numbers he signed for in Toronto were probably more than he could have gotten on the FA market at the time.

Now the gamble has paid off for AA and its just that a gamble hoping Jose would turn into something. If he returned to his Pirate days it would have been a massive overpayment for a fringe MLB player.

EE was in the same boat. He was DFA'd at one point by the Jays and only after turning around his season this year did he get a good deal. Could he have gotten the same deal on the FA market probably not, as again there was worries about his durability and ability to repeat those numbers.

Now if those guys had 3-5 years of good track records you think they would have signed those team friendlies....hell no.

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