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11-10-2012, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by took420s View Post
Kinda sad that there are still so many out there as misinformed about Kobe as this.

Do you really think if Kobe had issues with his coach to the point of pushing him out...that he would stay silent? It was Kobe who advocated for a system offense like the Princeton. It was Kobe who told all us fans to "chill out" and give them some time.

Even reports that Kobe and Mike Brown were texting back and forth about changes to the offense the mourning the guy got fired.

If any player had an influence, even if indirect, it was Nash who looked neutered in that offense.
Don't even try bro.

Kobe is a complete ass^%& and Ego maniac. You are not going to convince me otherwise.

I have had personal interaction with the man, and his a Grade A jerk.
Now , that doesn't mean he got Mike Brown Fired.

But it wouldn't surprise me if he did. That also doesn't take away the fact that Kobe is a sure fire First ballot Hall of Fame player.

But Kobe is not a nice person. The Lakers are Kobe's team PERIOD.

Hiring a coach without Kobe's permission, is the doomsday clock running until Kobe gets pissed off.

The famous Death stare, then days later the coach is fired...Doesn't take a genius to figure out what happened in that scenario.

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