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11-10-2012, 12:13 PM
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Coté's hit was just fine. Honestly, this is where every player needs to be accountable but not only the players that hits. Côté was coming from a mile and it was clear he was coming towards him IF Geoffrion would have had his head up. But he kept having it down all the way. Hockey has to remain physical. And I,m sorry, but while I love people standing up for others, there's nothing more stupid that I find that people wanting to fight others who just made legal hits. All great that Tinordi looked fine against Gudas, but Gudas hit was also really legal. And this is going in the NHL as well. So if you are a player who just hits hard but aren't a fighter, like Subban, you'll have to go and fight because you hit a guy legally? Where is the time when you took the guy's number and hit him just as legally hard after instead of having to fight? I mean, go ahead and if a guy hits your star player or any player on the back, drop the gloves, no fax, and club the guy. But legal hits? Come a man, take a number, and get him next time. I understand though that in Tinordi's case, it might have been one too many. We were getting hit hard, and I guess we had to show up. Great to see that from a rookie. But if it was solely for the hit, I don't buy this and are tired of it. This is the freakin some of the Bruins fans mentality. If Subban can't fight, he shouldn't hit hard......are we that stupid?

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