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11-10-2012, 01:14 PM
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Just because a pitcher is lucky it means its time to deal him?

This my view only about Sabremetrics and why it maybe good to evaluate some part of a players game you cannot ignore the other aspects of the game. Which quite a few do in here by totally dismissing the stats the game was built on.

How can you project what a pitcher will become. What if a team suddenly adds payroll and their team becomes an offensive juggernaut that changes everything same if the team loses a bunch of players. You cannot predict rosters or makeup of teams anything past the present.

Was it lucky that the ball hit the 3rd base bag in the World Series which in turn changed momentum of a series.

How to you quantify momentum, nerves, lucky bounces, playing conditions.

Why is it that some pitchers get tons of run supports for their games while the same pitcher on the same team gets less? How do you quantify that? Its the same team, same hitters why with some guys on the mound they will put up 8 runs and the next night they will only put up 4 runs for the next guy?

The game is played by humans and there are so many other factors that play into the game such as score of the game could dictate how a pitcher attacks a hitter or pitching around the 8th place hitter to get to the pitcher....that would screw up the 8th place hitters true batting rankings how does Sabre-metrics take that into account.

Listen I agree Sabre-metrics are the new wave that young people are attaching cause its easy to create a math formula to create an outcome but the game is played by human who react differently to all situations not by robots who are rigid and have no brain to compute different situations.

If it was so easy to predict all the results by Sabre-metrics why even play the games on the them in some board room with computer and 30 nerds.

Give me a lucky pitcher who's wins 18 games vs a pitcher who's Sabre stats are better but only has 9 wins. At the end of the day its wins that make the playoffs.

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