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11-10-2012, 12:23 PM
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Who is better? Do you think there is someone better than him, because ther is not.

Right now Seguin can not really be compared to Hall.

Rookie years Seguin put on third line scratched a few nights very limited PP, more points per min than Hall linemates Ryder,Peverly
................Hall, came on slow, ended great, lots of PP time #1 forward line

Second years Seguin leads Bruins in scoring PO's and Regular season, much improoved defence 10-15 games at Center
.................. Hall good second year, ended with Injury again
We've been through this before regarding Seguin. Sheltered minutes, playing alongside a Selke winner on a stacked veteran cup winning team. He was also benched for the cup winning playoffs.

Compared to Hall, who has taken on a much more advanced role for the Oilers, leading the offense, being a catalyst for that offense, and more than likely going to become the next captain of the Oilers. Hall brings characteristics that Seguin can only wish he had. Not only that, but he scores at and above the PPG of Seguin. So you're right, they really aren't comparable. If they are, it would be by draft position which accurately describes the two to a tee at this point in time with all things considered.

Points will never tell the whole story for Hall, but if you insist that it does then you must also uphold the same criteria for Hamilton, who during his "Breakout" OHL season managed to end up 4th overall in scoring amongst defenseman. To me, that says there were 3 other players who were better than him.

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