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Originally Posted by Hurt View Post
What part of it? Fehr's uncompromising offers and failure to attempt to reach a middle ground with the owners? Or that he expects players to get paid for 82 games for a 66 game season? Or that every meeting 'didn't go well' because the owners aren't dropping down to the PA's level?
The Owners self inflicted the lockout on themselves by their own actions of locking out the players and taking away their keys. If the Owners lose money in the process of those actions, then why should the NHLPA be flipping the bill of those costs?.

NHLPA has stated many times they would continue to play right now under their current legal binding contracts (just like last year, and the year previously etc) until a settlement is reached and no damage of lost HRR would be occurring, if they had their way or any say in the matter.

If the Owners decided they're willing to play a shortened season, that is their prerogative to do so as its their building.. However a players contract states he earns XX $$ for the 2012-13 season, then the number of games played is a non factor in that as its not a per game salary but rather per year/season instead.

While Fehr is likely not going to hold firm on this demand long-term, he is strategically using it as a bargaining chip against Bettman who in addition to a 50/50 HRR split is seeking numerous player contract claw-back rights (UFA status age, Contract lengths, Arbitration rights,etc) all to the NHL favour and advantage.

Fehr is of the belief that since the players are willing to meet the owners at 50/50 (-12% reduction for them) they don't need to cave into all these other Bettman league demands also.. Agreeing to eventually pro-rate salaries for lost games and splitting the lockout cost 50/50 also is an offset to Bettman relinquishing his demands in player contract infringement areas (which the players currently own) to get a final deal done.

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