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Originally Posted by The Naz View Post
I think the PA is being fair. They are willing to go to 50/50 eventually, but Bettman won't accept a deal that isn't an absolute win for the owners. It seems petty to me. Why not take the gradual slide of honouring the contracts they signed and call it a win. I think it's very fair.

Just because we are desperate for hockey (I sure as hell am) doesn't mean we need to believe everything said in the media. The media controlled by the owners. Don't forget who owns the leafs and what media outlets they have in their empire.
If Sportsnet (Owned by Rogers Media, partial owners of MLSE and thus the Toronto Maple Leafs) are the ones saying that Bettman was lying about the players being left in the dark, wouldn't that be a conflict of interest? Bettman is the spokesperson for the owners but one of the owner's station is saying Bettman was lying?

I don't know what to believe.

Edit: My previous post should clear up your post, Mess. Regarding players 'really really wanting to play hockey but those nasty owners won't let them'

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