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Originally Posted by Abbotsford Heat View Post
Guys like RNH, Hall and Eberle are very good NHL players, whether you like it or not Brodie is still a borderline NHLer with a whole lot that needs to be proven. Maybe it's because I am a Heat fan first and then a Flames fan through that association, but I just don't see the hype behind Brodie, but what would I know I was only a Heat season ticket holder every year of their existence until I moved this summer.

Brodie is a product of hype caused by the lack of prospects the Flames had in their system when he came up. He is a decent defenseman who in a few years might have top 4 upside, but he has major flaws in his game that for some reason Flames fans have an inability to see.

Brodie is much like Backlund was, the flaws were ignored by most Flames fans for his first couple years because all they saw was potential for the first time in years.
I don't know that I'd call him borderline. Last season he was a highly effective 5th defenceman in the NHL. That's not enough to consider him the 2nd coming of Jesus, but I think he counts as a fully established NHLer. I'd take him on my bottom pairing before the majority of other 3rd pairing dmen in the bigs.

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