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05-20-2006, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by zzoo
Hereís the ultimate question: do you really love hockey as a sport ? Or you simply cheer for the Habs ?

I used to consider myself a huge hockey fan: I try to watch/listen to all Habs games, read Habs-related news everywhere, and closely follow them. But now I realize that I actually donít love the hockey as much as I thought. I simply love the Habs, but not much for the sport.

Beside hockey, I also love soccer and volleyball even Iím not rooting for any particular team. I like those sports, so I like to watch them, no matter what teams are playing. However in hockey, I have little interest in watching other teams. When Habs are eliminated from playoffs, I hardly follow hockey.

In conclusion, I could say Iím a huge Habs fan, but not hockey fan. How about you ?
If we were not huge hockey fans, we would not be there... Also, the hockey season is a little bit too long and people tend to change their minds once their team's season ends. There's nothing wrong. I don't have the same feeling when I'm watching junior hockey or international hockey, because I like the habs so much and I just feel there's nothing on the line when they're not playing.

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