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Originally Posted by FrankMTL View Post
I was responding to the poster that said at the draft he measured 6' 1/2". That is probably right..but it isn't far fetched to say he might measure 6'1" or 6' 1 1/2" now...So i have no clue what you're talking about..
He was listed at 6'2" last season, before the draft combine, and is still listed at 6'2" now. However, when he was actually measured at the combine, he was 6'0.5". My point is that Galchenyuk listing himself at 6'2" cannot be taken seriously, because he was already listing himself at 6'2" before the draft combine, when he was clearly no taller than 6'0.5".

Most people are more or less done growing height wise by 18, and the number who grow 0.5-1" in just 4-5 months when they're already 18 would be very low. For most boys growth starts to slow significantly around 15-16, and by the time they hit 18 most boys have 0-0.5" of growth left. Of course there are outliers, there are people who grow multiple inches after 18, but they're pretty rare. It's pretty common for athletes to list themselves as significantly taller than their measurements from the combine, some people will buy that they've all simply grown a bunch at 18-19, but in reality most of them are just fudging the numbers to avoid the "undersized" tag and/or gain the "good-to-great size" tag.

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