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A poster called Alesle posted this on the Business of hockey board and I quite liked it as it put real numbers on the page.

I didn't bother moving the deferred payments, for simplicity I included them in the years they would've been earned. Also, as I've understood it, the latest proposal would only guarantee the first two seasons of the contracts, using the 211M set aside for that purpose, to make the contracts 'whole'. Unlike the first 'Make Whole' proposal I was not of the impression that any additional money from the players (UFA pool) would be used to 'make whole' the contracts in the event of the 211M set aside would not cover the contracts fully. If you have any sources indicating otherwise, please share as I'd like to read it.

So with my understanding, the payments for the imaginary player would look like this when the deferred payments are moved to the correct years (and 2 % interest for one full year on the deferred salary included):

----------------------------12/13* 13/14 14/15 15/16 16/17
NHLPA offer-----------------5.00M 5.00M 5.00M 5.00M 5.00M
NHL offer with 7 % growth--4.69M 5.32M 5.00M 5.00M 5.00M
NHL offer with 5 % growth--4.6M 5.24M 5.17M 5.00M 5.00M
NHL offer with 3 % growth--4.51M 5.05M 4.95M 4.93M 5.00M
NHL offer with 1 % growth--4.43M 4.88M 4.68M 4.56M 4.6M
NHL offer with 0 % growth--4.38M 4.79M 4.55M 4.38M 4.38M

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