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11-10-2012, 04:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Felonious Python View Post
Who is saying this?
Mike Modano, Bill Guerin and our very own Captain Dave. There may be more but these were the first that came up.

Mike Modano, the all-time leading point scorer among American-born players, estimates the last lockout cost him more than $7 million in salary by sitting out a year. To him, the payoff wasn't worth the sacrifice.

Even with all his on-ice accomplishments, losing millions stings.

"It's money you feel you never get back. At some point, we were sold a bill of goods," he said. "Everybody was buying it. Everybody thought, 'Let's not let each other down. Let's do it for the future of the game. Blah, blah, blah.' You're only in the game so long."

ESPN.COM: Former NHL star Mike Modano, speaking from his personal experience of the previous lockout, doesnít believe the current one is worth it for NHL players, noting theyíll never get back the time and money lost to a lengthy lockout.

SPECTORíS NOTE: Heís not the only former NHL star (Dave Andreychuk, Bill Guerin) to speak out against the futility of the PA trying to win a battle of attrition against the owners. A cynic would suggest itís fine for them to have that opinion since they earned their millions, but they went through two lockouts, and learned the hard way following the last one that the longer a lockout goes, the worse it becomes for the players and the union. Again, I donít believe the players should capitulate, but they need to be more flexible and negotiate off a 50-50 split of revenue. The longer this lockout goes, the more it favors the owners.

It's getting to be a joke now. The owners have plenty of blame to shoulder here, but this is not a fight the PA can win, and honestly, now they're just being obstinate children.

The problem is, there is no way in hell the owners were going to let the season continue while negotiating a new CBA. Mr. Fehr took care of that possibility in 1994. No league will ever allow a PA the opportunity to strike again.

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