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11-10-2012, 04:57 PM
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on-ice SH% is the entire team's SH% when that player is on the ice. It affects both goals and assists. Henrik Sedin is considered to be a player who perceptibly increases on-ice SH%, so I used him as an example. Just giving context to show that Eberle's totals are almost certainly inflated by luck.

Eberle is also not in the low volume shooter category that Tanguay and Brunette are. Both of those players averaged below 120 shots/season. Eberle was already up to 180 last season. That 180 shots puts him in the top 100 forwards for last season, while 120/season is more at the bottom end of the top 200 forwards; Eberle appears to be pretty average in the number of shots he takes, and unless you happen to have a shot chart of him for the season, I'm calling luck and expecting him to drop below 15%, at minimum, and probably closer to 12%. And I think it's ridiculous to call him a better finisher on any part of the ice than one of the best goal scorers of the past decade.

My argument in applying Eberle's SH% to Iginla is only there to illustrate how stupidly high Eberle's percentage is. That entire reply, in case you missed it, was pointing out the fact that you can't compare the point totals of the two players an pretend it's apples to apples. That's all. It's not meant to be a hard projection or anything else.

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