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Chasing Ice (2012), directed by Jeff Orlowski: James Balog is a sometimes photographer for National Geographic, and this documentary reflects his mission to provide us with irrefutable photographic evidence of global warming. He does this by initiating an investigation of several major glaciers around the world. Risking life and limb (literally in his case, as he has a bad knee), he and his colleagues set up cameras in some of the most inhospitable climates to be found anywhere on the planet. These cameras take thousands of pictures that allow Balog to create time-lapse studies of the glaciers over a period of months and years. The resulting images, sobering to any sane person, reveal the glaciers to be retreating at an extremely rapid rate. Incongruously, though good fortune for the documentary, many of the photos and sequences are also incredibly beautiful to behold. There is one sequence of an ice shelf the size of Manhattan breaking off from an Arctic glacier that has to seen to be believed. So the documentary works on two levels. It provides a type of evidence about global warming that is concrete and not easily dismissed; as well, it demonstrates just how stunning natural photography can be.

Best Documentaries of 2012 so far

1) Stories We Tell, Polley, Canada
2) Storm Surfers in 3D, McMillan/Nelius, Australia
3) Searching for Sugar Man, Bendjelloul, Sweden/UK
4) Chasing Ice, Orlowski, US
5) The Imposter, Layton, UK
6) The Swell Season, August-Perma/Mirabella-Davis, Ireland

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