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11-10-2012, 05:42 PM
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Globe and Mail: Even with locked out NHL..KHL still....

"Alexei Dementiev, a Russian hockey agent and former scout for the Ottawa Senators, is driving like a madman through the notoriously foul Moscow traffic to get us to the arena on time. The Tuesday night game is being billed as a biggie – Dynamo Moscow, featuring locked-out NHL hotshot Alexander Ovechkin, against “Siberia,” the nickname for the Sibir Novosibirsk team."

"In an interview, Malkin, who now plays for Metallurg Magnitogorsk, says “a complex of marketing efforts are needed to summon fans to the stands in Moscow. You see, Moscow offers too many events and amusement and people often simply do not choose hockey.”

"None of the 20 KHL teams in Russia (there are six in other countries) makes a profit. “Hockey in Russia is a social project,” Dementiev says."

Obviously I DIDN'T write this 4 page feature article, so please don't be angry with me.

I just thought KHL fans might want to read about the KHL from different perspectives.

Food for thought, I guess.

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