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Originally Posted by TZM View Post
Not sure if you responded to my post but I didn't mean to attack anything. It's just that the players do a lot of work to get paid and it's reasonable that they can fight for their piece of cash. A different question; should the whole sport profit as much as it does now.
"Attack" was probably a poor choice of wording on my part. Sorry about that. I guess the point I was trying to make was that the argument of how easy their job is could easily be its own thread, and I really don't care have that debate anytime soon.

Originally Posted by rynryn View Post
know way of knowing, but say the owners do dissolve the NHL and start a new league (i'm guessing with fewer teams to start) then offer players the offer that is currently on the table but salaries (and a cap) start about 25% lower on average...there aren't that many jobs in Europe and the KHL. How many players would opt to sign new contracts with the new league? I'm guessing more than half.

That's what I would assume as well. Admittedly, the quality of play would probably suffer at first, but would probably eventually turn back around if the salaries were higher than the alternative leagues.

I don't know enough of the legal side of things to know if that's even an option for the NHL and/or owners. At what point in all of this can they just throw their hands up and tell the PA to piss off and move on without them?

A different question; should the whole sport profit as much as it does now.
Probs not. Less profit means lower tickets, concessions and all that funness. But then economics get in the way with insane TV deals and people with large amounts of disposable income actually paying for tickets when they're hundreds of dollars just to get in.

Players on Euro teams don't make nearly as much, correct? How much does it cost to go to a game over there?

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